Tax Increase Boone County 2-7-2017

URGENT ALERT: From Brett Gaspard

I have received urgent news that a potential tax increase will be considered by the Boone County Fiscal Court this evening at 5:30 PM. In light of this information, our regular GOP meeting tonight is hereby superseded so that members may attend the County Commission meeting instead. If time permits, a meeting will be held immediately thereafter to weigh options in response to any action taken by Fiscal Court.

Please attend Fiscal Court at 5:30 PM tonight. The proposed NEW "Insurance Premiums Tax" may be voted on this evening. If approved, you will likely pay 8% on your various insurance policies, easily amounting to more than $300 per year for a family such as mine.

If you cannot attend, you may wish to contact your members of Fiscal Court:

Judge-Executive Gary W. Moore 

Phone (859) 334-2242

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                          

Commissioner Cathy Flaig 
Phone (859) 334-4865


Commissioner Charles E. Kenner DMD
Phone (859) 240-2115


Commissioner Charlie Walton
Phone (859) 371–1943