Do you let your grade-school children use Facebook? Most of us know that Facebook collects our data and restricts free speech, but we still use the platform for the social benefits (how private can anything online really be, anyways?) But at the last Liberty meeting, Stacie Earl, who has children in Kentucky schools, revealed a Facebook shenanigan that goes beyond issues like removing conservative ads.

Here’s a new question—would you let your children be taught by Facebook?

The social media corporation has partnered with Summit public school system to create an online, personalized curriculum for schoolchildren. The curriculum adapts to the student’s learning style and emphasizes interactive education activities for learning. Setting aside concerns about the quality of the education’s quality, parents like Earl ask, “how does an online platform personalize its content to each child?”

Individualized learning may seem appealing, until you discover that your child’s teacher isn’t a member of your community—it’s a Facebook-created artificial intelligence program. The online curriculum collects your child’s data.

In 2017, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported that nine Kentucky schools used Summit. In 2019, it was thirty schools. Now, Earl reports that seventeen counties in Kentucky are using Summit. Among other things, students learn that Christianity is a “superstition” and that Islam is responsible for much of the world’s peace and progress.

The new documentary The Social Dilemma explores the devastating effect that social media use has on our brains and relationships. A writer at Forbes Magazine commented on social media’s AI algorithms saying, “Tools that are alive are the most dangerous. My view is that it’s time to start viewing digital media and other apps as part of the vast experiment that the movie is describing and to do something about it.” Now that technology is infiltrating our children’s education.

Facebook, it seems, has crossed the line.

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VIDEO: “The Data Harvesting of Children from Cradle to Grace”