Dr. Douglas Frank delivered another energizing, spellbinding presentation to a full house of Northern Kentucky Patriots Wednesday night at the Erlanger Branch Library.

His focus for the evening was to provide updates on successes since his first visit, last October. In his inimitable style, he did not disappoint: the audience was ravenous for the news he delivered.

Emphatically declaring, “WE ARE WINNING!,” his graphics, charts, detailed explanations of the mechanics of election fraud  – and how his analyses determine that fraud has been perpetrated  –  mesmerized the crowd.

He reviewed activities from a number of states recently in the news, and shared that several among them are moving rapidly toward decertifying their 2020 election results.

Guests were educated on the mechanics of voter fraud – which began in 1996 – and the process steps of how elections are stolen. His research and data confirm obvious conclusions, beginning in 2016.

In addressing the Commonwealth, Dr. Frank shared that Kentucky is one of seven states that have more registered voters than population, specifying that we have 17% more voters registered than residents of voting age. Continuing, he said that all 120 of our counties are manipulated, and explained the means by which this is done, showing us scientific proof.

All his data was extracted from the Kentucky Secretary of State’s web site.

Sadly, this national problem is not new: since 2012- 30,000,000 more votes have been cast than there are eligible voters.

Dr. Frank offered immense praise for our very own Senator Adrienne Southworth and her just-completed Election Integrity Tour 2.0, saying of her proposed legislation – killed by the Frankfort  swamp  – “The most clever legislation of all is from Adrienne.”

In closing, he addressed a question from the floor about voter disenchantment, with growing numbers of folks choosing not to vote, due to their core belief that the system is rigged, their votes meaningless.

His response could not have been more passionate: he explained that Primary Elections are the most important, and it’s CRITICAL THAT WE ALL GET OUT TO VOTE IN PERSON!

He said an unexpected surge of voters could absolutely defeat the algorithms, and urged us to BELIEVE and DO THE RIGHT THING.

The audience now completely on fire, the networking and individual conversations with Dr. Frank continued until nearly an hour after the event was to end.

We are THRILLED to announce that Dr. Frank will join us again –  on Wednesday November 9 – for a special post-election event! Mark your calendars for what will surely be another rousing evening of education, election debrief and Patriot fellowship!

Gina Shatara