You can join the fight for liberty by calling or writing to your legislators. Call once or call every day—anything helps!

Busy? Only one phone call needed—just 10 minutes out of your week. A phone call results in a “green slip” on the legislator’s desk. The more green slips we can pile up, the more attention our issue attracts. You may request a green slip for your spouse as well (can’t turn that 2-for-1 bargain down!)

New to making calls? Here’s a basic script:

“Hi, this is _______ from __________, Kentucky. I’m calling to let my representative, __________, know that I [pick your position/issue]”  

Key issues and talking points:

  • Call the Joint Education Committee to support school choice and education savings accounts. Let them know that Kentuckians are unimpressed by the current social studies standards, which don’t even mention Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., Hitler, or the Pilgrims.
  • Leave a message for all senate and house members to support the pre-filed BR 130 limiting Governor Beshear’s emergency powers.
  • Leave a message for all senate and house members to support prefixed Bill 301 to eliminate forced COVID vaccinations. Vaccinations should be voluntary only, with no repercussions for those who choose not to vaccinate.
  • Leave a message for the Transportation Committee: NO gas tax—especially in this economic crisis!

Click the link below for the phone numbers (once you click the link, click the picture to enlarge it):

Interim Joint Education Committee Numbers