Education shapes culture. It influences student’s career choices, which affects the state economy. Education molds our expectations of the world and of ourselves. Education is so important that some parents spend thousands of dollars and work long hours to provide educational resources or send their children to schools they believe best reflect their family values or will prepare their children for a successful life. A lack of school choice restricts our freedom to improve our economy, shape our children’s character, and influence our society.

Twenty-three representatives have proposed amending the KRS to increase school choice for Kentucky parents by sponsoring HB 149 (read the summary here and the full text here). Passing this bill would allow for the creation of Education Opportunity Accounts. EOAs receive money from Account-Granting Organizations, which are nonprofits that receive private contributions (eligible for tax credits).

“Good and proper education is important to raising a liberty-loving society” said Thomas Davis of Commonwealth Educational Opportunity when he presented at NKY Tea Party meeting. As people passionate about spreading freedom, we must prioritize educational choice.

Section 3.1 details the benchmark for receiving funds from an EOA. Families may use the funds to cover tuition at a private school, the cost of a public school outside of their district, tutoring, and/or school expenses. (EOA’s may not be used to fund athletics). EOAs are not restricted to one type of student—any financially eligible student may benefit from them. EOAs are different that taxpayer-funded vouchers and are instead funded privately and incentivized and allowed by the State of Kentucky (EdChoice Kentucky). 

Passing HB 149 and allowing Education Opportunity Accounts would give Kentucky parents the freedom to make the best choices for their children. It gives generous donors the opportunity to invest in students who need it. EOAs are a fiscally responsible and freedom-maximizing way to provide more and better opportunities for Kentucky families.


The Next Step:

Come hear Thomas Davis of Commonwealth Educational Opportunity speak about school choice at our February meeting!

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