As students are waiting to hear whether they passed organic chemistry or made an A in British literature, Kentucky patriots are looking at a different type of report card. Scott Hofstra of the United Kentucky Tea Party has graded our Northern Kentucky legislators based on the 2020 Kentucky State Legislative Session. The score card grades votes based on whether or not the bills violate the KY or U.S constitutions, expand government regulation, increase taxes, budget, and debt, and restrict individual freedom. (Click here for the full report).

State Senator Wil Schroder (R-24) and Representative Savannah Maddox (R-61) received A’s this year. Patriots who elected them should be proud. The news is less exciting for the fourteen other politicians–our Senate Majority Leader Damon Thayer (R-17) made only a D (don’t we burn those report cards before Dad sees them?)

The NKY Tea Party has compiled the full information and written letters to each legislator in the NKY Caucus informing them of their score for the 2020 Legislative Session and asking that they vote for proposed limits to the governor’s executive authority and against increased taxes in the upcoming 2021 Session.

Here’s what you can do: write letters to your legislator. Tell them what you think of their 2020 score and request that they vote more responsibly in 2021. We need to do this now before the 2021 Session begins in January. The NKY Tea Party has created letters to each legislator for you to send. You can download the letter and either simply sign your name, or add anything you’d like your legislator to know. Mail to the address at the top of the letter, or email to the address listed here. You can also use the letters for talking points when you call your legislator.

Click on the legislator’s name below to download the letter form. Contact us with any questions!

Senator Damon Thayer (R-17) 60%, D

Senator Christian McDaniel (R-23) 28%, E 

Senator Wil Schroder (R-24) 91%, A

Senator John Schickel (R-11) 78%, C

Rep. Kim Banta (R-63) 27%, F

Rep. Joseph Fischer (R-68)  31%, F

Rep. Mark Hart (R-78) 15%, F

Rep. Adam Koenig (R-69) 44%, F

Rep. Savannah Maddox(R-61) 92%, A

Rep. Ed Massey (R-66) 25%, F

Rep. Kimberly Moser (R-64) 23%, F

Rep. Phillip Pratt (R-62) 20%, F

Rep. Rachel Roberts (R-67) 17%, F

Rep. Sal Santoro (R-60) 38%, F

Rep. Nancy Tate (R-27) 27%, F

Rep. Buddy Wheatley (D-65) 11%, F