The vaccination issue isn’t just between crunchy moms and big-pharma anymore. The hysteria over COVID-19 has everyone asking the question “Should I get the vaccine? Is it safe? Is this the best way to return to normal?” Whether you decide to receive the vaccine or not is your choice—and it should remain so.

A few legislators have filed bills that would protect the liberty of those who wish to opt-out of vaccines. Unfortunately, the House and Senate leadership (Republicans included) are actively opposing them. What can you do?

Summaries of the proposed bills: 

House Bill 36

Sponsors: Savannah Maddox, Mark Hart, Joseph Fischer, Felicia Rabourn and others.

Goal: Revise the KRS to protect Kentuckians from mandatory vaccinations. 

“Whereas ensuring bodily autonomy and informed consent, which are basic requirements for due process, liberty, and the constitutional and statutory rights of Kentucky citizens, is compelling and immediate, an emergency is declared to exist and this Act takes effect upon its passage and approval by the Governor or upon its otherwise becoming law” (HB 36)

Senate Bill 8  

The goal and wording of SB 8 is similar, but adds some specific requirements, listed below.

Sponsors: Mike Wilson, Adrienne Southworth, Matt Castlen

Goal: Amends KRS to include exceptions to mandatory vaccination, including:

  • Exemption when producing a written opinion from a medical provider stating why immunization would be personally harmful.
  • Protecting a child from immunization if his/her parents or guardian are opposed.
  • Granting protection for religious and conscientious objection to minors and adults.
  • Requiring the KY Cabinet for Health and Family Services to provide on its website a form through which to accept the exemptions.


For further reading on mandatory vaccinations:

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USA Today: “Yes, some Americans may be required to get a COVID-19 vaccine but not by the federal government” (2020)

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