The NKY Tea Party filled all three levels of the restaurant’s outdoor patio at our latest meeting. With his microphone in hand so he could be heard by all, Congressman Thomas Massie walked across each deck to take questions and give us an update on what’s happening in Washington.

Personal Update:

Rep. Massie was just appointed to the judiciary committee and is continuing to fight for Kentucky’s freedoms. To all who saw him wearing a mask while speaking on the floor–he apologized. He’s willing to pay the $1000 fine for not wearing a mask, but anyone who speaks without a mask has their microphone cut on the floor!

Legislative Update:

Rep. Massie briefly discussed the Green New Deal, calling it the most pie-in-the-sky, impractical bill to come through. Those familiar with Massie’s home life know that he is no opponent of sustainable solutions and green living, but he emphasizes our individual right to choose how to live—from using alternative energy to getting a vaccine.

Rep. Massie is sponsoring H.R 899—a small bill with tremendous impact.

H.R 899’s one sentence reads “The Department of Education shall terminate on December 31, 2022.”

Massie is no opponent of public education, which he used for his own children, but believes that the DoE takes power away from the state and local government and from students’ families.

H.R 8 proposes “Universal Background Checks” for guns, but is really masked Universal Gun Registration—there’s no way for the government to conduct universal background checks unless the gun owner is registered in their system. As he has before, Massie emphasized that we shouldn’t need permission to exercise a basic constitutional right and he thanked our own Rep. Savannah Maddox for getting constitutional carry passed in Kentucky. Sheriff Korzenborn also attended and distributed a statement from the Kentucky Sheriff’s Association stating that the KSA pledges to uphold and respect Kentucky citizen’s 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

Regarding a bill to award Capitol police with the Congressional Medal, Massie explained that he voted “no” because, while he appreciates the officers involved, granting that medal would have falsely labeled the events of January 6th as an insurrection.

COVID Response:

Of course, we all wanted Rep. Massie’s take on the recent round of stimulus payments and on the government’s response to the covid pandemic. Massie is sponsoring a bill for fire Dr. Fauci and he’s been working to keep the CDC more accountable.

The House continues to ignore the debt limit, which is concerning because 25% of the total U.S debt is from the past year.

While some have justified the stimulus checks based on the Fifth Amendment’s provision for the government to repay what it takes from citizens, Massie provided from clarity. The stimulus checks are from the federal government, but the state governments and governors are the ones responsible for business shutdowns and “government takings.” Stimulus checks distribute money that the U.S simply doesn’t have and kicks the can of disaster down the road. The solution is to open back up.