The nation is still waiting for its president, but Kentucky is celebrating multiple victories for liberty. Congressman Massie was re-elected, Adrienne Southworth won District 7 for State Senate, Representative Kim Banta won District 63, and State Senator Schickel was re-elected to District 11.

Instead of resting on their laurels, the NKY patriots know that now is the time to fight harder.

We gathered at a local restaurant and, while enjoying dinner and discussing the election, created a plan to push our advantage in Frankfort when the legislative session meets in January.

Attorney Chris Wiest stressed the need to fill the KY Supreme Court with judges who will put a roadblock in the way of the governor’s unconstitutional executive orders. Wiest is currently litigating in defense of Maryville Baptist Church, whose members were given notices to quarantine after attending church on Easter Sunday. Wiest just filed for a permanent injunction to ensure that the governor can never ban church services again.

Rep. Kim Banta and Dick Innes from the Bluegrass Institute gave an update on the state of Kentucky education (spoiler—it’s not a report card you’d be proud to show Dad). Activists and representatives are working to reduce extraneous testing (which costs millions of dollars), increase school choice via education savings accounts, and reform vague education standards. The current social studies standards are concerning—the curriculum ignores the Pilgrims, Hitler, and Martin Luther King Jr.

“I’ve been accused of being the most vocal critic of Governor Beshear” Rep. Savannah Maddox (61st District) was greeted with applause. Kentucky is still in a state of emergency as a result of the pandemic. Rep. Maddox has proposed BR 130, which would require the General Assembly to reconvene if a state of emergency lasts more than two weeks. Two weeks gives the government time to help the people in a natural disaster, but restricts the government’s ability to indefinitely extend its emergency powers at the risk of destroying businesses. Reforms would also remove the Health Department’s power to force vaccines upon citizens. As Rep. Maddox said,

“If any good comes out of this, it’s that people’s eyes have been opened as to what the government can do in a state of emergency.”

It’s up to us to draw a line in the sand and tell the government that it cannot act outside of clearly defined boundaries.

What can you do? Call and write to your representatives and tell them to vote for BR 130 and for education reform! The NKY Tea Party is mobilizing activists–starting now. Connect with us to get involved!