Our Mission

Northern Kentucky Tea PartyWe are Concerned Citizens with 3 Core Principles: Fiscal Responsibility, Limited Government, and Free Markets. We are “Taxed Enough Already” (TEA). JOIN US!

Do our Tea Party principles of Fiscal Responsibility, Limited Government and Free Markets align with your principles of government? If so, please consider signing up for our TEA Mail updates or attend our next Tea Party meeting in your area.

The Tea Party movement is an American fiscally conservative political movement. Members of the movement have called for lower taxes, and for a reduction of the national debt of the United States and federal budget deficit through decreased government spending.

The Boston Tea Party was the very first TEA Party. That historical political protest occurred on December 16, 1773, at Griffin’s Wharf in Boston, Massachusetts. American colonists were frustrated and angry at Britain for imposing “taxation without representation,” and so they dumped 342 chests of TEA, imported by the British East India Company into the harbor.

The United States is a Republic not a democracy and it was never meant to be a democracy. Thomas Jefferson lamented that “a democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where 51 percent of the people may take away the rights of the other 49.”John Adams concluded that democracy “never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide. ”Government has grown too large. Elected officials have way too much control.

We must remind them to read the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and to honor their oath they made to God to uphold the Constitution. The first 10 Amendments, the Bill of Rights are crucial to our survival as a Republic.