Last Friday, members of the NKY Tea Party and leaders in NKY economic development had breakfast with Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) to raise questions and discuss needed reforms for Kentucky and to get his take on what we can do to make Kentucky a better place for economic and individual liberty.

Federal Issues

A few attendees raised questions about the state of the U.S military. Senator Paul shed some light on the increasing partisan politicization of our troops, many of whom are now told to read books like White Fragility –which is how to assimilate to woke culture, not prepare for national defense.

Senator Paul stressed the need to support our law enforcement when there is an actual threat. For example, on January 6th the Capitol police didn’t even have the extra supports that any rally would warrant and were denied reinforcements. Unfortunately, most military reforms come from the executive branch, and Congress is not conservative enough to fight back.

We asked Senator Paul to look at the Asylum Abuse Reduction Act, which would adjust immigration process to ensure that applicants truly have a need for asylum and are not using it as a loophole. We’ll be keeping an eye on the bill going forward.

Although political action can and should happen on the federal level, we need to reclaim state’s power by using it and pushing for reform in our own commonwealth.

State Issues

Kentucky is trapped in a vicious cycle: Governor Beshear issues a tyrannical executive order, the Legislature passes a bill to reign in his power, Beshear vetoes the bill, the Legislature overrides the veto, and Beshear gets the court to issue an injunction. Senator Paul highlighted the crucial issue for Kentucky politics: it’s time for new judges who will stop backing up Beshear’s orders, respect Kentucky values, and allow the legislature to limit executive emergency powers.

Senator Paul also stressed the need for election integrity. While many dismiss this as a federal issue, states like Wisconsin and Georgia have already set up election commissions and Kentucky should fight for election integrity within its own borders to prevent ballot harvesting and soliciting.

Vaccine passports are looming on the horizon and, while Senator Paul will fight it at the federal level, Kentucky should preemptively ban them as Florida did. Vaccine passports are overreaching, particularly since, as Senator Paul pointed out, people who have already had covid-19 have no need for the vaccine.

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