Despite the steady downpour outside, the NKY Tea Party filled the back room of Peewee’s Place for our monthly meeting. While enjoying dinner and drinks (I highly recommend the sloppy jo sandwich with sweet potato fries) we discussed key conservative issues with two of our legislators—Representative Savannah Maddox and Senator Adrienne Southworth—and were introduced to a new candidate for Boone County Attorney.

Rep. Maddox is committed to fighting against mandatory vaccination in Kentucky. While SB 8 established basic protections for those with conscientious, medical, and religious objections, we need to make sure that vaccine passports never pass in Frankfort. As Rep. Maddox said, Governor Beshear is siding with President Biden in his push to turn those who opt out of the COVID vaccine into second-class citizens.

Other issues: four Kentucky Supreme Court Justices are up for reelection in 2022. The judiciary has consistently side with Beshear against the legislature and will of the people. It’s vital that we fill the bench with judges who will keep executive power accountable.

Senator Southworth is scouring Kentucky in an in-depth investigation of election integrity. She gave us a short preview of her findings, but she’s discovering new information every day and will make a full presentation at our July meeting In short, the Legislature passed HB 574 to promote election integrity, but HB 574 doesn’t require or promote a paper trail, it doesn’t shut down hackers, nor does it address the Dominion-style voting machines many counties use.

An important discovery: Kentucky does NOT use Dominion machines, but the machines are Dominion-STYLE—made by a parent company.

The Attorney General’s audits are superficial and ineffective and the Secretary of State has been fighting against election reform efforts by dismissing citizens’ concerns and actually told Beshear to veto SB 63, which proposed effective election integrity reform. We must hold our elected officials accountable. A secure and fair voting process is crucial to our republic. Let’s demand pre-printed paper ballots marked by pen and ink directly by the voter. The media has dropped election integrity, but we aren’t. Come to our July meeting and learn more!

Finally, Jordan Turner announced her campaign for Boone County Attorney in the 2022 Republican primary. The County Attorney has unique roles and influence in child and family cases including juvenile crime, domestic violence, and child neglect. Ms. Turner has practiced law for thirteen years. She worked for a Christian human rights organization fighting international sex trafficking, for the state prosecuting felony sex crimes, and has had her own practice since 2014. She has three young children and has a strong emphasis on children and conservative family values.